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Maija Rebecca is a visionary artist and advocate of creative empowerment who specializes in small business and entrepreneural branding.  Drawing from her inspiration of compassionate activisim, community building and artistic exploration, she hosts workshops to teach & celebrate the creative abilities in everyone. When Maija isn't working on a graphic design project or teaching a class, she's selling her own line of goods at the Portland Saturday Market and at other local festivals & markets.

She loves to constantly be digging her hands into new mediums. Currently, she consumes most of her time illustrating, watercoloring & digitally designing. 

During her free time, you can find Maija, throwing it down on any dance floor, sharing conversation over meals with friends, hiking in the woods, mentoring youth, or helping out on her family's farm in Bend, Oregon. 

Maija gathers much of her design inspiration from the magical & simple elegance found in the natural world.